Deja Webster  Deja Webster Port Townsend PhotographerDeja Webster Port Townsend Photographer

I was teaching 5th Grade in rural Maine when I decided to take a year off to travel across the county with my dog Narda. I had never camped before so as we headed West every day was a unique adventure. I made it to Alberta when I took a turn heading south to Washington and ended up in Port Townsend. I grew up in Wisconsin but since graduating from college I have lived in Cincinnati, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Maine. But 33 years ago I dropped anchor here. I fell in love with the town, a handsome sailor, and made this my home.

Port Townsend has offered me the unique ability to step away from being a teacher to do a variety of different jobs and gain experiences I never imagined. I worked as a short order cook, a housekeeper, a Volunteer Coordinator, a Customer Service Rep, and a vendor at the Farmers Market. I started my own basket-making business, teaching and selling my baskets. My partner owned a boat so I learned about sailing and navigation. He was also a pilot so I became interested in flying. I took several lessons with Charles Lindbergh’s grandson but after a couple of lessons. But I decided I really wasn’t up to being alone in a plane but loved being a passenger in our bi-plane or Russian Yak. I have taken watercolor classes, paper making, bookbinding, and even got into computers. I earned my Microsoft 2000 Certificate and was working on my server certificate when my partner, Don, died suddenly of a heart attack.

Life changed in an instant 21 years ago. I quit my job, worked on our sailboat, and picked up a camera. In time I found color and passion in my life again. I began volunteering at my local animal shelter. While photographing animals I developed patience in waiting for the perfect look from a cat or the tilt of the head of a dog. During the 15 years I volunteered, I believe my photos helped in part to get hundreds of animals adopted.

I was a vendor at the Port Townsend Farmers Market for six years selling cards and scenic prints. I left to set up my portrait studio. As a self-taught photographer, I took online classes, attended workshops, and practiced constantly. As my portrait business grew, it provided me with opportunities to give back to the community. My camera became a tool for capturing candid moments for organizations like Main Street, the American Legion, Port Townsend Film Festival, and Centrum events. Giving back through my photography has been immensely rewarding and I look forward to continuing to capture and share the beauty of our amazing community.

My philosophy goes beyond just business goals. It's about being a good person, loving yourself, giving back, and having fun with everything you do. I believe in providing exceptional customer service and offering quality products. I encourage my clients to think about owning wall art to display in their homes or purchasing lovely custom-designed albums. And most importantly, I know that life is precious, so let's capture those moments together.

Creating timeless portraits that capture your unique personality, style, and essence is my passion. My portrait studio is located just down from Jefferson Healthcare. I am committed to providing my clients with images that will last generations. Whether you're looking for business headshots or a family session, I specialize in making my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera. So, if you're considering a photo session, let's chat! You can call me at (360) 385-2662 for a free consultation or drop me an email. I'd love to hear from you!