Deja View Photography Reviews

Deja was wonderful to work with. She enjoys what she does and it shows in her work. We had our photos taken outside at our home. Deja scheduled our appointment so the natural light would be at its best during our session. When we began she knew how to put us at ease and our photos turned our natural, not stiff. In addition to my husband and me, she took photos of our dog and cat too. She really captured their personalities. Our photos are better than we hoped they would be. We would definitely work with her again! Zoe L.

My husband and I hired Deja to photograph our grandchildren while we were visiting Port Townsend. I asked that she take candid photos while the children played. If you have ever participated in a photo session with toddlers, you know that tears and fits are often included! Not so, with Deja! We had a splendid day following the kids to the pirate ship, beach and playground while Deja took some amazing shots! She went above and beyond and extended our session to another location after we took a lunch break! It was like spending the day with an old friend and the results were fabulous! I highly recommend Deja View Photography for your family photo needs! Abban

My Family and I had our pictures taken at Deja View Photo Studio two years ago for Christmas and she made it such a nice experience. We had a four year old that wanted to do everything except get her picture taken and Deja was so good with her that not a shot was wasted. I did not know much about Deja View Photography Studio until my daughter in law found her while searching for a studio to get our family photo. I sense have watch all the work she does for the animal shelter and continue to view the picture she posts daily. The pictures she takes are wonderful and if she could wrangle our family and get the awesome picture we got you better believe she has talent. Very comfortable experience! Thank you Deja. Karen P. 

Deja is an incredibly talented and compassionate photographer. She really pours her heart and soul into her work. I had Deja take professional photos. She was patient, highly skilled and fun to work with. She made the whole process a breeze! We had 2 photo sessions; 1 in her studio and another outside, carefully scheduled to capture the best lighting. My photos were beautiful and the experience was amazing. Nancy O.

Deja does an amazing job, she connects with her clients and really cares about the outcome of the shoot. She’s the best! Nicki C. 

In my professional career, I search for the gifted professionals who offer their very BEST at all times. Deja radiates qualities that makes you at ease, comfortable, smiling and eager to please as she does the same with you. Her photographic skills are top tier! Made my busy day slow down a bit, with an added smile, while making a great friend in the process. Paul C.

I appreciate Deja's approach for keeping it real, bringing ease to the session. The photos look 'natural' not posed or forced. I loved having the session out of the studio, too. Fun to take photos around Port Townsend where the background adds interest without being a distraction. Highly recommend. Kristina M.

I've worked twice with Deja (headshots) and love the results she gets. I also appreciate how simple she makes it for me to get my photos in various sizes--for social media and for larger print projects. Thanks, Deja! Heidi S.

I first met Deja in 2014 at a Wedding Expo in Port Townsend where she and fellow photographer, Kay, had a booth.  I was immediately drawn to their warm personalities, but also to their obvious love for their art.  I decided right then and there to book Deja View Photography for my daughter's Quinceañera the following year.  

Deja does her research!  She learned about the cultural event, attended rehearsal for the traditional dances and visited our church to ensure religious boundaries were honored. She and Kay checked out the lighting and placement in both the church and fiesta venues. Because of all this preparation, they, and the additional photographer, were able to be in the right spots for the various special moments.  

But planning and preparation are not all that make Deja special.  She takes the time to really get to know her subject.  In our case, we needed a picture beforehand for the invitations.  I thought a studio session would work and the portraits were quite beautiful, but Deja sensed something else in my, then, 14-year-old and suggested going outside. The results were fantastic!  She captured her true essence and the two of them became so close that when we went back for the prints, they went outside again for more photographic fun!  

Deja further excels at her craft in the countless hours she spends in post-event production at her studio. Her openness to client requests and her attention to detail ensure the final product will be loved.  We have a gorgeous Quinceañera album and now, a year later, beautiful memories of my daughter's Confirmation as well. With Senior Portraits almost two years away, I'm searching for an "excuse" to fill in the gap! Karen B. 


Deja is a personable and very professional photographer. She has done both professional head shots for our business and family photos. Her creative process and warm, friendly approach has given us great results! Liz K.

I have had the pleasure of working with Deja a couple of times now for campaign portraits. She is always professional, quick and affordable. Her great results spring forth from an easy-going, fun and efficient manner. I really appreciate that the portraits come in multiple formats that look great in print and online. I'm always glad to see Deja behind her camera at our many community events. She has a great eye and always captures the essential essence of the gathering. Deborah S.

Deja was wonderful to work with -- she listened to my concerns, took great care and produced a photograph that I love and which I can use in my business. I highly recommend Deja -- she is a true professional with great expertise in her craft.  Valerie

Deja is absolutely incredible! She made me feel completely comfortable right from the start. I felt like I was hanging out with a dear friend. And she is so passionate about her work. She notices the most subtle nuances that make photos exceptional, rather than just good. She is truly gifted and because of that my photos turned out better than I even imagined they could. Nancy

Deja did a wonderful job photographing our family reunion in July 2018 at Fort Worden. She prepared in advance, asking about the family in detail. She checked out the location for options. She and her assistant Kay took 50 photos of the large group and got one perfect one. Then she took photos of smaller family groups. The quality of the photos was exceptional, she was very easy to work with and more than fair with pricing. I highly recommend her. Helen

Our Family traveled in to Port Townsend to celebrate my in-laws 60th Wedding Anniversary. Deja was wonderful in working with our family. She captured our time together for many lasting memories. Jennifer

We had a delightful time with Deja this Christmas. She took family photos of all 20 of us, was careful, considerate, and wonderfully professional.  I was so impressed that she went the extra mile to see our home before the photo session to know where she wanted to take photos. On the day of the photos she arrived knowing everyone's name and had even made the effort to learn what she could about each person. Everyone commented on how much fun the session was.  She worked beautifully with our little ones as well. Couldn't be happier! Nancy

My husband and I took a trip to Washington state last week and had an amazing time! One of the best parts about our trip was meeting and being photographed by Deja!! She was so incredibly personable when I first spoke with her on the phone (and that was maybe two weeks before our scheduled trip)! She knew exactly what I wanted and she definitely delivered!! She was very happy to do it and was a delight to work with!! When we actually met Deja, the day of our shoot, she said it best when she said it felt like we had known each other forever! Nothing was awkward and she turned out with some really wonderful photos of our wedding!!! On top of being a super talented photographer, she also gave us a fun little tour of her town Port Townsend! She was fun to hang out with and gave us great tips on where to eat and what to see!! It was a pleasure Deja, and I hope we meet again!!  Robin

If you have other things to worry about than your photographer, choose Deja....she will take care and plan for everything. A huge weight was lifted.

Deja did a fantastic job from start to finish. We initially did our engagement pictures, they came out so well....we decided to go all out with the wedding. She was well prepared, didn't leave out any detail, and got all the pictures we requested as well as some beautiful surprises. Her timing was perfect, she'd gone out to the venue the weekend before to ensure the shadows wouldn't affect the pictures.

We also purchased the wedding album from her, very well done....definitely would recommend that. Another bonus that Deja brings to the table, she has a lot of connections in the area. She recommended our florist and cake vendors as well. The three of them working together was a great decision. Rob

We won a photo session with Deja through the Main Street's Girl's Night Out. We wanted a family photo with our two dogs and it turned out great! Deja is a wonderful photographer! She is very responsive to our ideas and added some of her own to make the photos better. She has props but we brought our own to personalize the photos. She is wonderful with dogs (she takes photos of the animal shelter dogs on the side to help with adoption) and knows how to capture their attention to get a good photo. Overall, we were very happy with the results! She captured the fun, energetic, dysfunctional sides of our family all while having a good time in the process. Kate

My Family and I had our pictures taken at Deja View Photo Studio two years ago for Christmas and she made it such a nice experience. We had a four year old that wanted to do everything except get her picture taken and Deja was so good with her that not a shot was wasted. I did not know much about Deja View Photography Studio until my daugher in law found her while searching for a studio to get our family photo. I sense have watch all the work she does for the animal shelter and continue to view the picture she posts daily. The pictures she takes are wonderful and if she could wrangle our family and get the awesome picture we got you better believe she has talent. Very comfortable experience! Thank you Deja. Karen

Deja View Photography really went above and beyond for our September wedding! She knew everybody's name before the rehearsal and came to the rehearsal dinner to practice! If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing! Deja View Photography is perfect! Jennifer

Alan and I were so fortunate to have Deja Webster and Kay Harper take pictures of our wedding on February 13, 2016. We arranged the details over the phone, in person and also text. Deja always made sure she understood every detail about our preferences for the photos. Even though I changed my mind on a few details she graciously understood. I really like how she asked for names and ages of everyone being photographed. When she arrived on the day of our wedding she Introduced herself to everyone being photographed and made sure she knew everyone. Deja even brought a squeak toy for baby Lila. Deja visited the place where the pictures were going to be taken several times to ensure correct lighting and different settings to use. So many wonderful photos were taken that it will be hard to choose. Thank you so much for doing such a professional job. We are so thrilled we chose Deja View Photography for our special day. Barb D.

Deja was the perfect choice for our wedding photography. She was excellent from the beginning - easy to communicate with and obviously takes pride in her hard work. She talked us through her packages, helped us choose what was right for us and was gracious through the whole process. She went above and beyond by scoping out the venue for lighting and above all, taking really excellent photos. Her assistant, Kay, was excellent as well and it really improved the experience to have two photographers. So much more was captured. This is a great choice for a photographer!!! A. H.

I have known Deja for a long time. She does excellent photography and is a natural artist. I highly recommend her. Deja is a very giving person to the community as well. She takes photos of the dogs and cats at the local shelter which greatly increases the adoption rate. Be sure to use her services for your next family function or a portrait of you and yours. She does weddings, family reunions, high school class photos and incredible personal photos. I have used her services in the past and was very pleased. Carolyn M.

We recently had our professional photos taken by Deja, which included our dog, the namesake of our business. She was incredibly patient, professional and creative. The photos came out great. We would highly recommend her. Victoria M. 

I've worked with Deja on three different sittings-every time I have been so impressed with her warmth and patience. Shooting an extended family group is no easy task and Deja managed to put everyone at ease while capturing beautiful moments. We've always been so impressed with both the quality of service she provides as well as the quality of images she captures. Highly recommend!! D. K. 

Deja did an amazing job doing professional photos for our whole team at The Business Guides in Port Townsend. She was timely, professional, and affordable. She had great ideas, and made our whole team look exceptional!  Liz K.

Deja is a real pleasure to work with. She is able to capture those precious moments that you want to hold on to forever. Highly recommended. D. B. 

My wife and I had portraits done by Deja. She was incredibly professional and creative. The whole process was a very enjoyable experience. We will be using her again in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to have great photos done! B. M.

I have Ben's senior pics spread out on my desk and have been admiring them every time I go by. I really like how the settings give a sense of adventure, kind of gritty and rough. One of my friends remarked that Ben could send them out with captions like "Here I am in the wilds of Borneo...." The concrete and stairs could be anywhere in the world, but of course they are our own lovely Fort Worden. Off to the framer today, and hanging on my wall soon. Thanks so much for "capturing" my kid as he steps off into his big new life. Marian R.