Welcome to my blog! I'm so excited to have you here as I share my love for capturing event photography out and about in Port Townsend. I'll also post session photos from family gatherings to high school seniors, and even the adorable pets that steal our hearts, I believe every photo has a unique story.

Join me on this journey as I showcase my favorite portraits and share the stories behind them. I invite you to enjoy my posts including some fun videos/slideshows I have shared. Don't hesitate to leave a comment. Your feedback and interaction mean the world to me as I continue to pursue my passion for photography.

Point Hudson during Wooden Boat Festival

2016 Port Townsend Rhody Grand Parade

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Rain rain go away, don't you know it's Rhody Grand Parade day. The rain didn't dampen the parade in 2016 hopefully it won't today either. 


Muffins, Memories, Recipes and Family Photos

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Is there anything cozier than baking with family recipes that have stood the test of time? Just like digging through a box of cherished old photos, uncovering old recipes brings a flood of memories and warmth. Remember the yeast packet craze during COVID? Many of us had big plans, mine was to bake bread. Yet, instead of baking bread, I gravitated towards something familiar and heartwarming like these bran muffins. This recipe, shared by my friend Vicki Jones in the '70s during our Dietetic program at the University of Wisconsin, has been a staple for nearly half a century. With a few personal tweaks like adding sunflower seeds and grated carrot the nostalgia grows, much like the personal stories captured in each family photo.

The beauty of these recipes, from my Grandma's liver and onions, Aunt Jean's famous chip dip, to Great Aunt Emma's dinner rolls, is that they're more than just instructions on a card. They're a legacy, a tapestry of our family's history and love, akin to the sentimentality we feel when flipping through old photo albums. My Mom's favorites were chicken with Bisquick dumplings, the unmistakable classic strawberry Jello with Cool Whip, the unique flavors of her three-bean salad, and if luck permitted, her famous green fried tomatoes. All these paint a picture of my heritage, each dish a snapshot of family gatherings, laughter, and shared stories.

In a world consistently moving forward, these recipes and family photos are our tangible link to the past, to the hands of those who have shaped our lives. They remind us that, in the end, it’s these moments of connection, familiar tastes, and shared stories that truly matter. Do you have a treasured family recipe that brings back memories just as vividly as an old photo? Share your story in the comments; let's celebrate the warmth and love passed down through generations.

Me at three, all dressed up for Easter. 

Reflections on the Magical Season Opening of the Port Townsend Farmers Market

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I have been reflecting all week on the magical reopening of the Port Townsend Farmers Market last Saturday. Established in 1992, my journey with the market came full circle as I've had the honor of being a vendor not once, but twice. From my basket-making business in the mid-90s to selling cards as prints with Deja View Photography, each experience has been woven into the fabric of my connection to this community. I also served on the PTFM boards for several years.

Imagine the transformation of a vacant street at 7:30 AM into a bustling hub of creativity and camaraderie by 9. Tents rise and spaces fill, and the dedication of up to 90 vendors weekly rain or shine, from mid-April to mid-December, is nothing short of inspiring. The process is a labor of love, from the meticulous preparation during the week to the lively interactions with customers each Saturday. The variety of products available from flowers, vegetables, food, artwork, crafts, and music.

To me, the Market is such a big part of the community. From locals to tourists, the buzz of over a thousand visitors brings the streets alive. This past Saturday, I took a moment to simply observe. The sight of new vendors, many with young babies snuggled against their Mom’s chest, to the Mayor embracing that same joy, with his new baby. Laughter echoed as goats led a whimsical parade, complemented by the violin music of Kristin, Otto, and their students.

The aftermath of Covid-19 altered the fabric of our interactions, but last Saturday was a testament to the enduring spirit of Port Townsend. The ease of hugs, handshakes, and clustered conversations marked a cherished return to our communal roots. Observing the diverse beauty across all age groups affirmed my belonging to this community. All our children are beautiful as are the youngest to older members of our community.

This event wouldn't be what it is without the relentless dedication of Amanda, the Market Manager, the volunteers, vendors, musicians, and local businesses that breathe life into the PTFM. Being part of such a heartfelt gathering reminds us all of the joy and unity that thrives within our community. The Port Townsend Farmers Market is a place where every Saturday is a testament to the beauty of our community coming together.

National Doctors' Day Honoring Jefferson Healthcare Doctors

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Happy National Doctors' Day! Today, let's shower extra love and appreciation on the heroes in scrubs at Jefferson Healthcare. From the incredible doctors to the dedicated nurses and supportive staff, their unwavering commitment, especially amidst the challenges of COVID-19, deserves our loudest cheers. JHC marked this special day with a heartfelt thank you in The Leader - and what an honor it has been for me, Deja Webster, to capture the essence of nearly all these admirable faces since 2016. Capturing over 80 headshots here, seeing them all together, and celebrating today, fills my heart with joy. Photography is not just my profession; it's my way to highlight the extraordinary in the everyday heroes we have amongst us. To all healthcare providers, we see you, we appreciate you, and we thank you. Have you thanked a healthcare hero today? 

Celebrating Max

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Port Townsend PhotographerPort Townsend Photographer Today I celebrate my dog Max who died on this date back in 2019. Handsome Max lived to be just over 17 when he passed.

I have used this photo of him on my business card for many years. Several years ago I got a call from a woman who said she had picked up cards at the Farmers Market with a dog on it and wondered if she could get more. I remembered her asking for them years before when I was a vendor at the Farmers Market selling cards and prints. I thought it odd at the time but felt it was great she may be sending pet photography business my way.

Years passed, and I was no longer at the market when she called again to ask if she could come by my studio to get some more of those dog cards. I was still, a tad confused when she showed up at my studio and asked for more cards for her Mom. I offered a 5x7 print but she declined. She explained that her Mom was in a nursing home and she had Max's card, my business card, on her bulletin board but the card kept disappearing. When that happened she pulled one from her stash of cards in her nightstand and replaced it. Thus the need for her daughter to come by to get more cards for her Mom and friends at the nursing home. While I once wished Max could visit nursing homes as a therapy dog, it turns out, he did, spreading joy and comfort, one business card at a time.


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You know some days you got to search for those things to make you laugh but they are there.

A day without laughter is a day wasted.

Charlie Chaplin


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December was a whirlwind as I rushed to deliver final holiday cards to clients and print and deliver photos for those special gifts. It was a bit hectic, to say the least. But as January rolled around, I found myself in a "nesting" mode, ready to tackle my own home projects.

A few years back, I upgraded the upstairs of my home with new luxury vinyl flooring. However, due to the challenges of the pandemic and the difficulty in finding reliable help, my remodel came to a standstill. But last month, I finally found an incredibly talented and dependable painter to bring a fresh coat of paint to my upstairs. Alongside that, my new bathroom vanity was installed, marking the beginning of a much-awaited decorating and organizing spree.

The joy I felt while hanging curtains, arranging pictures on the walls, and organizing my collection of books cannot be put into words. It's the delights of making my upstairs feel like a true sanctuary once again. Every single day, I am reminded of how grateful I am for everything I have — from my beautiful home to dear friends and family and my amazing clients.

Sometimes, taking a break and focusing on revitalizing your surroundings can do wonders for your mindset. Now that my room is clean, refreshed, and in order, I feel reinvigorated and ready to dive back into my photography business. There's a renewed sense of purpose and clarity that comes from creating a harmonious environment.

So, here's to new beginnings, fresh perspectives, and the exciting work that lies ahead. I can't wait to share more of my photography journey with all of you.

Rooster or Hen

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Last December I was able to attend a cookie exchange with the Kitchen family. It was a tradition that I cherished for years before the pandemic disrupted our lives. This year, I had the pleasure of attending Jeannie's delightful cookie exchange again, and it brought back a flood of cherished memories. This annual event is one of my favorite holiday traditions, where everyone gathers to exchange cookies and engage in the creative process of frosting and decorating Jeannie's delicious homemade sugar cookies. Being included in this heartfelt family gathering, after photographing this family for various milestones throughout the years, brings me immense joy and a sense of belonging. I have photographed an engagement session then a wedding, birthday parties, maternity sessions, newborns sessions and anniversaries with this family. I feel like their friend and family photographer.

Among the attendees, there was a teenager I hadn't seen in quite some time. This young aspiring photographer, now a high school senior, had developed a keen interest in photography. I had fun talking about photography and viewing some of the hundreds of photos Breena had on her cell phone. We took a break from decorating cookies to walk out to the chicken pen on Jeannie's property. Our shared fascination led us to spend time photographing the intricate and captivating beauty of the hens and roosters that resided there.

Amidst the clucking of the hens and the majestic presence of the roosters, I found myself mesmerized by the intricate patterns and details adorning their feathers. With my Nikon D810 in hand, we took turns capturing the essence of these fascinating beings. In fact, one of these enchanting photos may even be one the talented young photographer Breena took.

Photography has not only allowed me to document precious family moments but also to discover the beauty in the unexpected like the visit to the chicken coop. As I reflect on this delightful experience, I am filled with gratitude for the connection photography provides. From the cherished moments spent with the Kitchen family to the newfound fascination with chickens, I am reminded once again of the incredible journey photography takes me on.

Memories of Missing a Favorite Pet

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We had several inches of snow recently and I found myself feeling melancholy about seeing the beautiful snow covering the trees and my backyard. Two years ago I captured probably one of my best photos, of my dog Sherman, playing in the snow. He so enjoyed just laying in it, it was hard to get him to come into the house despite the cold. He looks so perfect in this photo. How could I have known that a month later the Vet would find he had a tumor in his tummy and that cancer had moved into his lungs? So in February, we had one more short week together and then I said goodbye to him on the 8th. I have this image blown up as a print on my wall and truly treasure the nearly five years we had together. I was grateful the snow only lasted a couple of days and then the rain moved in and everything melted. Luckily we don't get snow very often here in Port Townsend but it will take me a while before I can view snow again without being sad. 

I love the poems Mary Oliver wrote in her book Dog Songs.

“And it is exceedingly short, his galloping life. Dogs die so soon. I have my stories of that grief, no doubt many of you do also. It is almost a failure of will, a failure of love, to let them grow old—or so it feels. We would do anything to keep them with us, and to keep them young. The one gift we cannot give.”
― Mary Oliver, Dog Songs

Working with and Photographing Frederickson Electric

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Working with Frederickson Electric has spanned over two decades. From first working with Hans’ father Eric, doing wiring updates at my rental to work in my home done by Hans when he became the owner of the family business back in 2012. It has been rewarding to witness the growth and success of this Port Townsend family business.

In 2019, Hans was honored as the 'Business Leader of the Year' by the Jefferson County Chamber. This recognition is a testament to his exceptional leadership and dedication to providing top-notch electrical services.

Hans has asked me twice to photograph the entire Frederickson Electric team in a group photo. Standing proudly in front of their business work vans, the photo showcases this diverse and talented group of over 29 employees. Posing large groups can be challenging, but the Frederickson Electric team made it an enjoyable experience. Their patience and collaboration resulted in a fantastic group pose with everyone looking picture-perfect.

In addition to the group photo, I also had the pleasure of taking individual headshots for each employee, right outside their office in Glen Cove. While I usually take business headshots in my Port Townsend studio, the busy schedule of the business prompted an on-location shoot, which turned out to be a great decision.

Last fall Frederickson Electric was recognized as the first-place winner of the "2023 Best of Olympic Peninsula in Jefferson County Electrician" by the readers of the Peninsula Daily News. This well-deserved acknowledgment reflects their commitment to excellence in their field.

I couldn't be more pleased with all the electrical repair work done by this business from replacing a baseboard heater, a bathroom fan, wiring for a new water heater and mini-boiler to adding additional lighting fixtures throughout my home. I also have had the pleasure of photographing the Frederickson family. I have photographed a wedding, a birthday party celebration and several family reunions. It is wonderful to know and photograph this wonderful local family. 

The Surprising Connection Between Hearing Loss and Dementia

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The other day I stumbled upon a fascinating news piece on NBC about the correlation between hearing loss and dementia. Imagine, how something as common as hearing loss could have a profound impact on our overall brain health.

The segment on the Today Show shed light on hearing loss and dementia. It's eye-opening to see the increasing number of people developing early-onset dementia each year. Being aware of the connection between hearing loss and dementia is now more important than ever.

In 2020, after years of struggling with hearing loss, I finally decided to have my hearing tested at Peninsula Hearing in Port Townsend. Little did I know that this decision would make a world of difference. I ended up getting fitted with hearing aids and boy, do I wish I had done it sooner!

If you're curious, I highly recommend watching the Today Show segment, which is only 4 minutes long, on Hearing Loss and Dementia. It's an insightful piece that will truly make you think twice about the importance of taking care of your hearing health.

Feel free to share this Blog post with someone who might benefit from it and let's start a conversation about the importance of hearing care. You can also leave me a comment on what you thought of this fascinating information. 

Here is a link to more Alzheimer's Facts 

  • By 2050, this number is projected to rise to nearly 13 million.

  • More than 6 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's. 

  • 1 in 3 seniors dies with Alzheimer's or another dementia. It kills more than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined.

  • In 2023, Alzheimer’s and other dementias will cost the nation $345 billion. By 2050, these costs could rise to nearly $1 trillion.

Deja View Photography Recognized as Best of Jefferson County by the PDN

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Thank you to everyone who voted for Deja View Photography. I want to express my gratitude for the lovely certificate I received from the Peninsula Daily News. Being recognized as a finalist for Best Photographer is truly an honor, and it means a lot to me to have the support of my community.

It's amazing to reflect on how far my business has come since I started selling cards and prints at the Port Townsend Farmers Market eighteen years ago. Today, I focus on providing professional headshots, family photos, event photography, and capturing the essence of High School Seniors.

If you're interested in setting up a session with me, now is the perfect time to think about updating your professional headshot. Give me a call at 385-2662, and let's capture your best self together. My Port Townsend studio is conveniently located just a few blocks from Jefferson Healthcare.

Thank you again to all those who voted for me and have supported my business over the years. Being part of our community brings me so much joy, and I'm grateful to have the opportunity to document special moments in the lives of incredible people like you.

Connecting with Jefferson Healthcare CEO, Mike Glenn. Links to Valuable Resources at JHC Newsletter.

October 26, 2023

Jefferson Healthcare CEO Mike Glenn has been elected board chair of the Washington State Hospital Association. Check out this press release from WSHA to learn more about how Mike is working to improve the health outcomes for all Washingtonians. 

Congratulations Mike. I took this headshot of Mike Glenn several years ago. A chance meeting late in 2015 at a JC Chamber luncheon was the first time I met Mike. Little did I know, that that encounter would pave the way for a great working relationship with Jefferson Healthcare.

My first job was photographing staff as they worked at the Sheridan clinic. The warm smiles and genuine interactions between providers and patients made those sessions joyful to photograph. In 2016 I began taking photos of the yearly Wells Heart Event, a JHC Foundation fundraiser, and did that for several years. That same year I photographed the opening of the new wing of Jefferson Healthcare, and later the opening of the Women’s Clinic.

Over the years, I've had the privilege of photographing probably close to 300 provider headshots. I believe I have been able to capture their friendly personalities and those images are used on the JHC website with their bios to help one find a provider they would enjoy working with. You can also see the headshots I have taken on the TV screens located in all the clinic waiting rooms.

I am immensely grateful for the connection I made with Mike and Jefferson Healthcare all those years ago. The bonds formed with the staff have created friendships that have enriched my life and helped my headshot business grow. It's been an honor to capture JHC milestones and work with Mike and everyone at Jefferson Healthcare. 

Jefferson Healthcare also offers a very informative newsletter with updates on the hospital expansion, classes for the community and relevant articles about current issues. Dr. Molly Parker just wrote an interesting article entitled Lonely? You Are Not Alone

More Red Carpet Divas at Main Street's Girls' Night Out

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I had so much fun photographing those attending Girls' Night Out here in Port Townsend a couple of weeks ago. I made a post right after the event but wanted to share a couple more collages I made with the photos I captured that night. It also gives me another opportunity to the local businesses that supported this event. We have so many wonderful businesses that support the variety of events that happen every year here in Port Townsend. 

It was an incredible mix of catching up with old friends & making new connections. Attendees embraced the 'Red Carpet Divas' theme and showed up in their most glamorous attire. Huge shoutout to the amazing local businesses that donated to make the evening extra special. Their generosity filled the gift bags and made the raffle prizes top-notch! Thanks to PT Vineyard for hosting the event, it was the perfect venue to offer both indoor and outdoor seating. I made a point to photograph people with some of the signs of businesses that helped sponsor the event. Sorry, I didn’t catch all the shops that took part. Check out the Main Street link to see the extensive list of supporters who made this PT Main Street event possible including Jefferson Healthcare, 1st Security Bank, Richmond American Homes & Holley Carlson, & Harmony Geske of Colwell Banker Best Homes. I missed the wrap-up party, but I had a great time photographing the lovely women in attendance as they explored the fabulous shops of downtown Port Townsend. 

Rain or shine, ready to shine with an updated Headshot?

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A powerful headshot can make a world of difference for a business person, showcasing their confidence, credibility, and unique personal brand. At Deja View Photography, I specialize in capturing headshots that leave a lasting impression. Whether you're a business owner, professional, or real estate broker, a fresh and updated headshot can help you stand out in a competitive market. Let me capture your professional essence and help you make a statement that speaks volumes. Reach out to me today and let's create headshots that make waves! Give me, Deja, a call today at (360) 385-2662. 

You can view more of my professional headshots by visiting my website