National Puppy Day.

March 23, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

It seems every day should be National Puppy Day when you look this darn cute. I miss my handsome pup pictured here. I didn't take this puppy photo of Sherman, it was taken by his previous owner. It is such a really sweet photo of this bundle of fur. The owner ended up surrendering him to our local shelter when he was five. I felt so bad for the owner that had to give him up but grateful he came into my life. Sherman had lots of allergies and was on several different medicines daily plus on a special diet. He was the most beautiful dog I have ever owned so he has shown up a lot in my Blog posts. I regret I didn't capture photos of him.

I sadly admit that many of the pet photos I have taken for clients are after they realize their dogs are sick and they will lose them. I know many of us think of our dogs as part of our families so don't hesitate to consider bringing your dog to your family session. I also offer to photograph just your dog and have captured some lovely images over the years. I photographed animals at the Humane Society of Jefferson County for 15 years so I'm very comfortable around animals and photographing them.  You can see some of my other Pet Photography on my website. 


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