Playdates aren't just for kids!

July 22, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Playdates aren't just for kids! 🐾 Today, Hailey, my 5-year-old fur baby, had a heartwarming reunion with one of her puppies, Pio, whom she hadn't seen since he was adopted 4 years ago. Pio and his family traveled from near Vancouver to spend a couple of days in Port Townsend, and we couldn't wait for our pups to have a tail-wagging good time together. The moment they met; their joy was palpable, I'm sure they recognized each other. How could Hailey forget, or not recognize, this being one of the 11 puppies she had? They raced around the yard, chased their favorite toys, and wrestled a bit, creating memories we'll cherish forever. It was fun to have Nate, and Ania, here with Pio along with Reesa and Cassie who helped foster Hailey and her pups. Now, Hailey is peacefully snoozing away in her cozy doggie bed, dreaming of the paw-some adventures they had today. Pio her puppy is on the left, and Momma Hailey is pictured on the right.

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