Rakers Car Club Parade at the Port Townend Film Festival

September 29, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

The Port Townsend Film Festival has come and gone, but the memories will last forever. I had the incredible opportunity to volunteer to capture the joy and excitement of the festival and the Rakers Car Parade, a highlight of the festival. From classic cars gleaming in the sunshine to filmmakers waving from their stylish rides, it was a fun sight. Jim Arrabito organized the parade like a band conductor matching filmmakers with cars. On top of that Jim might be the person who invented the word swag. He provided specially designed multi-purposed PTFF handkerchiefs, PTFF tote bags, drinks, and munchies all before the parade. The Chaotic Noise Band from Seattle even led the parade, setting the stage for an epic celebration of cinema and cars.

As the community gathered at Haller Fountain, cheers and warm greetings filled the air as Danielle, Executive Director of the PTFF, introduced the amazing filmmakers. I was amazed by the camaraderie and passion that radiated throughout the event, as car owners and filmmakers shared stories and indulged in lively conversations. It was evident that the later starting time created a relaxed atmosphere, allowing for more interaction between the talented creators and our wonderful community.

My photos capture the essence of the festival, showcasing the joy, creativity, and pure fun that filled the streets of Port Townsend. I love to capture images that show the uniqueness of my community. If you want to explore more of my Event Photography, head over to my website at Deja View Photography. If you enjoy my work let's chat about booking your own session for you, maybe an updated headshot or a family session. Let's make new photographic memories together. 


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