Rooster or Hen

January 03, 2024  •  Leave a Comment

Last December I was able to attend a cookie exchange with the Kitchen family. It was a tradition that I cherished for years before the pandemic disrupted our lives. This year, I had the pleasure of attending Jeannie's delightful cookie exchange again, and it brought back a flood of cherished memories. This annual event is one of my favorite holiday traditions, where everyone gathers to exchange cookies and engage in the creative process of frosting and decorating Jeannie's delicious homemade sugar cookies. Being included in this heartfelt family gathering, after photographing this family for various milestones throughout the years, brings me immense joy and a sense of belonging. I have photographed an engagement session then a wedding, birthday parties, maternity sessions, newborns sessions and anniversaries with this family. I feel like their friend and family photographer.

Among the attendees, there was a teenager I hadn't seen in quite some time. This young aspiring photographer, now a high school senior, had developed a keen interest in photography. I had fun talking about photography and viewing some of the hundreds of photos Breena had on her cell phone. We took a break from decorating cookies to walk out to the chicken pen on Jeannie's property. Our shared fascination led us to spend time photographing the intricate and captivating beauty of the hens and roosters that resided there.

Amidst the clucking of the hens and the majestic presence of the roosters, I found myself mesmerized by the intricate patterns and details adorning their feathers. With my Nikon D810 in hand, we took turns capturing the essence of these fascinating beings. In fact, one of these enchanting photos may even be one the talented young photographer Breena took.

Photography has not only allowed me to document precious family moments but also to discover the beauty in the unexpected like the visit to the chicken coop. As I reflect on this delightful experience, I am filled with gratitude for the connection photography provides. From the cherished moments spent with the Kitchen family to the newfound fascination with chickens, I am reminded once again of the incredible journey photography takes me on.


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