Celebrating Max

March 03, 2024  •  Leave a Comment

Port Townsend PhotographerPort Townsend Photographer Today I celebrate my dog Max who died on this date back in 2019. Handsome Max lived to be just over 17 when he passed.

I have used this photo of him on my business card for many years. Several years ago I got a call from a woman who said she had picked up cards at the Farmers Market with a dog on it and wondered if she could get more. I remembered her asking for them years before when I was a vendor at the Farmers Market selling cards and prints. I thought it odd at the time but felt it was great she may be sending pet photography business my way.

Years passed, and I was no longer at the market when she called again to ask if she could come by my studio to get some more of those dog cards. I was still, a tad confused when she showed up at my studio and asked for more cards for her Mom. I offered a 5x7 print but she declined. She explained that her Mom was in a nursing home and she had Max's card, my business card, on her bulletin board but the card kept disappearing. When that happened she pulled one from her stash of cards in her nightstand and replaced it. Thus the need for her daughter to come by to get more cards for her Mom and friends at the nursing home. While I once wished Max could visit nursing homes as a therapy dog, it turns out, he did, spreading joy and comfort, one business card at a time.


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