Thinking of Mom as Mother's Day Approaches

May 08, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

It is wonderful seeing photos of Moms that people are starting to share on social media as Mother's Day approaches. My friend Skip Cohen wrote a great Blog post last Mother's Day and I asked his permission to share part of his post. 

"So, to all of you who are moms, Happy Mother's Day. And to everyone who still has their mother around, don't waste a second. Cherish your time together, and as photographers, set up a camera and shoot a little video. Plop Mom down in front of the camera and ask her to tell you a few backstories: how she met your father, places she grew up, favorite memories - anything you can watch and smile about years from now."

While many of Skip's followers are professional Photographers anyone can capture special memories of their Mom whether with a fancy Nikon camera or a cell phone. Today would be a perfect day to videotape her responses to the questions Skip mentioned above. I never did that with my Mom and now that she is gone I wish I had. Treasure family while they are here. 

This is the last photo I have of my Mom. It was taken when I went back to Wisconsin to attend my Dad's funeral. My young niece was having fun learning to use my D80 and captured this photo of my Mom. Six months after Dad passed my Mom died. Life can change in an instant. Don't delay photographing/videotaping your family with your own camera or working with a professional Photographer. 


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